9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (2024)

Everyone's favorite food and drinks — pizza, ice cream, cookies, coffee and sandwiches — are among the newest additions to Westchester's dining scene. May and June alone have seen nine openings with coffeeshops, in particular, leading the way.

Ready to get hungry? Read below for details on everything from Taiwanese coffee to Bronx-style "sandwheeches" big enough for two. Continue to the end for info on nine more dining establishments coming including an oyster bar, a brewery and famous New York bagels.

Bedford Post Tavern, Bedford

Yup, it's back open — as of June 5 — serving a range of tavern fare like oysters, salads and grilled chicken amidst a renovated setting. For now it's dinner only from Wednesday to Sunday with breakfast and lunch starting June 19. Sam Mason, the ice cream guru and mastermind behind the quirky ice cream creations at New York City's scoop shop, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. (and a James Beard Award nominee), is the chef. 954 Old Post Road, 914-292-9516, bedfordpostinn.com.

9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (1)

Giovanni's Italian Deli, North White Plains

This is no ordinary deli, folks. Owner Giovanni Paolo Difuccia, long a legend on Arthur Avenue has brought his Bronx swagger and Italian food smarts to Westchester. The 51-year-old is also a social media star thanks to his "forgetabout it" attitude, his catchphrase of "howyoudoin" and his infamous "sandwheech," a piled high creation on ciabatta that, for $17 easily feeds two (or more). He's also known for his fresh mozzarella which he makes daily in front of customers. And yes, there are always free samples.

The deli, which relies on fresh ingredients and items imported from Italy, offers a variety of heroes, wraps, antipasto, salads, salads and hot food and also does catering. Just don't expect seats inside. 925 N. Broadway, 914-358-1543, instagram.com/giovannis.italian.deli.

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City Pizzeria, White Plains

There are nine TV's and two levels to this new spot near City Center offering plenty of room to indulge in their classic thin-crust pizza (gluten-free too), focaccia, heroes, pastas, calzones and salads. Noteworthy to try: the volcano meatball topped with fresh ricotta, Italian wings heaped with onions and a decadent cheesecake martini. The restaurant opened May 22. 250 Main St., (second floor), 914-401-8503, citypizzeriawp.com.

9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (2)

Pros and Cones, Mamaroneck

Just in time for summer season: This new ice cream shop — with the motto "No cons, only cones" — opened in late May, just before Memorial Day. All ice cream is made on site every week and includes creamy, dense, creative flavors such as Ricotta Cream Cheese with Fig, Espresso, Funfetti, Earl Gray and Strawberry Cheesecake.

There are also numerous dairy-free, vegan and sorbet options. In addition, you'll find an assortment of toppings, Belgian sugar waffles, and milkshakes, as well as cotton candy and candy. And look for tea, coffee and hot chocolate to be added soon. 410 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck, 914-315-1839, prosandcones.com.

LuDy Cafe, Irvington

Tim Akapo left a 20-year-long career in supply chain management to open this cafe (where BRRZAAR had been) with his wife, Ashley. Named after their two sons Lucas and Dylan, the cafe, with about 30 seats inside, opened June 2. Along with a host of coffee drinks, diners will find light bites and sandwiches as well as pastries (including gluten-free items) from Pelham-based Flour Pour. The single-origin coffee is from Proud Mary Coffee, which, according to LuDy's website, is "sourced from award winning farmers to create blends that are mild, curious or wild."

The Akapos have also partnered with Spirit Tea to bring single origin tea, sourced from small farmers around the globe.

9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (3)

Akapo, who's originally from Nigeria but long lived in the UK and Australia, said it's long been a dream of his to open a coffee shop similar to what he found in the cafe haven that is Melbourne.

"I learned through the coffee business I was involved in, that quality (drink and food), ambience and service get people in the door, talking and gives them a reason to come back," he said. So, before he and his wife wrote the business plan, he travelled to coffee farms to understand the growing/washing/drying processes as well as the supply chain of getting the beans from farmers who are in remote areas in most/all cases to the destination country of roast and consumption. Then the delivery.

"We just want people to be happy," he said. Outdoor seating to come. 7 N. Astor St., 914-233-1581, ludycafe.com.

Mirabella Cocina Latina, Dobbs Ferry

The 150-seat restaurant, attached to LOOK Cinemas, opened for breakfast June 5. Lunch service will start June 11, brunch on June 22 and dinner by the end of the month. Expect a celebration of Latin and South American dishes inspired by Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, and Venezuela.

That means breakfast tacos or sweet bread pudding paired with a café au lait, brewed with the rich, aromatic flavors of Segafredo Zanetti coffee. Lunch options include Cuban tortas and Argentinian empanadas with brunch choices such as chilaquiles rojos from Mexico, huevos pericos from Guatemala and overnight oats from Colombia. Dinner specialties will include enchiladas suizas, carne asada and the classic Cuban dish, la ropa vieja. 1 Hamilton St., 929-667-7898, mirabellacocina.com.

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The Formosa Coffee, Scarsdale

Westchester's first coffee shop offering naturally processed beans from the mountains of Yun Lin, Taiwan opened May 25. Diners will also find a minimalist decor in addition to Taiwanese tea, pastries from Balthazar and a sampling of pre-packaged Taiwanese treats. Just be warned: there's no decaf coffee, at least for now.

Owner Jason Chen said he missed Taiwanese coffee, especially during travel restrictions from COVID so he took the opportunity to research and speak to coffee companies. "I quickly realized nobody knew of Taiwan-grown coffee beans, saw a niche opportunity and decided to try it," he said. Specialties include the salted cream coffee, pistachio butter latte, rose jasmine tea, tea latte and lavender black tea.

Also unique to his shop: The fact that all the artwork (from local artists) is for sale. Chen also partners with New York florists to display their plants. Every plant has a "name card" and is available for sale. 111 Brook St., 914-881-9188, theformosacoffee.com.

9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (4)

Crumbl Cookies, Yorktown Heights

Crumbl Cookies, known for its oversized crumbly cookies, opened it second Westchester location June 6. Owned by Scott and Justin Cinnamon, it features an open kitchen so customers can see the pouring, mixing, measuring, molding, icing and baking in action. 3333 Crompond Road, Suite 2A, 914-214-1996, crumblcookies.com.

Altamira Cafe, New Rochelle

German Minaya, who has a background in construction, always dreamed of designing a coffee shop with a European vibe. And now he has: Open as of June 3 is this 18-seat cafe with an Italian/French focus, a variety of food (everything from yogurt parfaits to sandwiches, pastries and gelato), a large black and white "city" mural, swanky black velvet chairs and a corner view of Main Street. Naturally there are also a variety of coffee drinks. A liquor license is in the works which means affogatos will also (eventually!) be on the menu. 245 Main St., 914-355-2083

9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (5)

Coming soon

Spring is the season, with more and more restaurants on target to open in the next days, weeks and months. These are some that have not been reported on along with a few that are one step closer to opening day.

  • Brooklyn Bagel,& Co., Mamaroneck: The popular bagel chain is opening its first Westchester location June 18. 690 Mamaroneck Ave., bkbagel.com.
  • Gregory's Coffee, White Plains: June 14 is the target day for this coffeeshop, the first in Westchester and the 27th New York spot overall. Diners can expect fresh pastries, an innovative, plant-forward menu that incorporates seasonal ingredients and a host of coffee drinks. 125 Westchester Ave. (in The Westchester), Level 3 (between Venchi and Auntie Anne’s); gregoryscoffee.com.
  • No Name, White Plains. There's no name announced yet but an authentic South American restaurant will open sometime around June 24 in the space that previously housed Archie Grand. It's the same owners now operating with a new management team including Daniel Cahill, formerly of The Blind Pig of Westchester and OMC in White Plains who's brought over The Blind Pig mixology team. Diners can expect a range of elevated co*cktails as well as a renovated space. Stay tuned to lohud for details closer to the date. 166B Mamaroneck Ave., 914-861-0400.
  • Fat Stu's, Port Chester: It's just a few more weeks until the opening of this burger joint, which already has a location in Harrison. 321 N Main St.
  • Root2Rise, Larchmont: The plant-based, gluten-free organic cafe will open its first second location sometime in the next two to three weeks. 1924 Palmer Ave., root2riseny.com.
  • 1881 Kitchen Table, Port Chester: Look for an early July opening for this chef-driven restaurant featuring open fire cooking headed by Frank Azulay, a French-born chef who made his mark in Tel Aviv. The name 1881 is a homage to Port Chester's past and the many occupants who shared this building including, at one time, Siegel's Department Store and the Port Chester library. 112 N Main St., 914-640-2814, 1881kitchen.com.
  • North River Oyster Bar, Sleepy Hollow: What had been the old Hudson Anchor Restaurant will turn into a seafood-focused spot sometime in the next two months. The new spot is owned by Floria and Gino Uli who own Divino Cucina Italiana in Hastings and Hudson Prime in Irvington. 222 Beekman Ave.
  • The Wooden Spoon, New Rochelle: The restaurant, with the motto "burgers, beer, grub," had been on downtown Division Street for nine years but is moving to a new location in the Wykagly Shopping Center. Expect it to open July 5. 1282 North Ave., woodenspoonnewro.com
  • Salsa Fresca, Brewster: This Mexican chain should open late June/early July. 1577 Route 22, salsafrescagrill.com.
  • Hudson River Brewery, Putnam Valley: Get ready for another local brewery opening sometime mid-summer. This one, the first in Putnam County, will offer a variety of beers, everything from IPA's to pilsners to stouts. There will be light food to start (pretzels, empanadas, possibly food trucks) with the eventuality of pizza. The brewery, which had been doing pop-ups in Buchanan, is owned by Westchester native Joseph Povella, who's been home brewing for over 15 years. He said he used the logo of the Tarrytown Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow for his logo as it's forever been a part of his life and signifies the Hudson Valley. 64 Pudding St., 914-227-4986, hudsonriverbrewery.com.
  • Talia, Port Chester: The signage is up and Chef/Owner Ian Vest is hoping for a "before fall" opening for his two-story 120-seat restaurant which will focus on cuisine from Italy and France. There will also be an emphasis on wine. 25 Willet Ave.

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9 restaurants open in Westchester in May and June alone, with 11 more coming soon (2024)
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