Conan Exiles: 10 Tips To Help Players Build An Awesome Base (2024)

Building a good base is one of the key things players will want to do inConan Exiles. The game offers tons of materials to build a base with, but it can be a little overwhelming at first. There is a large list of items that only get bigger when players download the DLC packs.


While some players might be able to build amazing structures right away,others might need a bit of help to figure out how they want to go about it. The building can be a little tricky, but it is easy to get the hang of it.

10 Choose A Good Location

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Base building is all about location. Okay, that's a lie, but it does help to choose a location that suits the type of base being built. Some bases will be better to build on a flat plane. Once players get a little more advanced they can try to build a base on a cliffside or mountain spire.

It is also important to pay attention to the advantages that terrain can offer. Being nestled on a cliffside will help players with defense. Other good locations will be in valleys resting in between two cliffs.

9 Plan Ahead

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It is a good idea to have the basic idea of the building being made before jumping into the construction. Jumping in head first can lead to getting mixed up and placing things in the wrong area.

With limited resources, it can be annoying to have to destroy structure pieces after they are placed. It is good to think ahead and know what type of base is going to be built. Gather the resources and create enough pieces to get a least the beginning of the base down.

8 Bases Can Always Be Improved

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It is perfectly fine to start off with a small basic base because it can always be improved upon. Many amazing bases start off as a single room. After gathering resources, improve upon the existing base and create something amazing.

Take note of what areas of the base should be improved upon and work on it slowly. This will keep the players inside safe while also allowing them to keep improving the existing structure. Remember that existing building parts can be replaced without needing to destroy the existing structure first.

7 Know Shape Structure

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Shape structure is the art of knowing how all of the different pieces inConan Exiles fit together. It is easy to attempt a build using the square and triangular foundation, but that isn't the way to go. Learn different methods for connecting these pieces together to help create more advanced structures.

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This will help the base look more professional. It will also help if a player has a problem with getting lost while creating complex structures.

6 Round Bases

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Similar to knowing shape structure, creating round bases can really help improve the look of whatever a player is attempting to build. There are multiple guides online to help players create large circles using the square and triangular foundations.

Circles can really help improve the look of a base and can help a base fit in certain areas. Adding towers and spires is a fun way to make a base look cooler. Once a player can figure out complex shapes and circles, they will be able to build any base they want. Well, at least the bottom of it.

5 Remember Limitations

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Ceilings can only stretch so far away from a foundation. The exact number is four ceilings for each foundation that is created. This is important information when crafting a base. Plan it out and know where the foundation should go.

When creating a bridge, place the foundations a maximum of eight blocks apart and then use ceilings to bridge the gap between them. This is especially useful when building across a river or in the trees.

4 Use Foundations As Steps

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There is a way to allow foundations to act as long, drawn-out staircases, but the process can be a little tricky to get used to. First, place the foundation at a low height. Next, place a fence on the edge of the foundation. Lastly, place the next foundation. The second foundation build will now be allowed to be placed at the same height as the fence.

Sure, players won't really be able to just walk up the stairs, but they will look like nice drawn-out steps. This method can also be used to help create nice accents. To allows players to run up and down the steps, use fence foundations and walls to achieve smaller gaps.

3 Use Stairs To Connect Pillars

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It's weird that pillars can't be placed between foundations. Each time a player tries to place a pillar, they will be forced to place them in the middle of the foundations. There is a way to get around this by using stairs. Think ahead in the build and place stairs attached to the foundations.

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Doing this will allow a player to place a pillar at the top of the stairs. Deleting the stairs will keep the pillars floating on the edge of the foundations. Players can then place foundations and the pillars will be where they want them to be.

2 Start At The Bottom Of The Tower

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Towers can be a tricky thing, especially when working on cliffs and in mountains. This is also a problem for people using admin mode. It can be tempting to start building a tower from wherever a player can connect to the mountain or the cliff. Doing this can lead to a tower being unable to be completed because some of the foundations cannot connect.

It is smart to start any tower build from the lowest point and see where it can connect. Not only will this help a base look better, because of support beams, but it will also help guide a player through the build.

1 Make The Base Feel Like Home

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Any amazing base wouldn't be complete without some decor to make it feel like a real home. Many players try to make these bases that look great but forget to place any decor to help show off how elaborate the build is.

There are tons of decor items inConan Exiles from pots to workbenches and banners. A player should use these to their advantage when decorating the base and not just stick with the standard survival items.

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Conan Exiles: 10 Tips To Help Players Build An Awesome Base (2024)
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