Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do (2024)

Set in the savage and brutal world ofConan the Barbarian, the video game aptly namedConan Exiles allows players to enter a hostile world full of adventure, crafting, and intense combat.In this Massive Multiplayer Onlinetitle,gamers get to live out their most dramatic survival fantasies.

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However, this huge game is not without its fair share of bugs and glitches, many of which can be game-breaking or tremendously inconvenient to those simply wishing to build a farm next to their hut or do battle with hordes of hideous creatures. Thankfully, there are a ton of console commands that one can use to quickly rectify most issues.

Updated on July 22, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman:There are times when the glitches, bugs, and errors that can plague a player in such a bizarre manner that it can be hard to identify what the source of the issue is, but by examining their circ*mstances, gamers can hopefully come to a conclusion about the origin of the error. Diagnosing an issue is the first step to alleviating it, so after figuring out what the problem is, players should be able to figure out which console command can help them the most and how to best use these digital tools.

Conan Exiles Admin Commands

Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do (1)

To use the Admin Panel and gain access to some of the most powerful console commands, players will need to open up the menu (with the Escape key) and then go to Settings before then selecting Server Settings. Select the "Make Me Admin" option, which should be confirmed with a message saying "Admin Rights Granted". After that, close the menu to see the Admin Panel.

All Conan Exiles Admin Commands & What They Do

  • Make Admin:MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword] - Enter Admin Mode
  • Make Normal:MakeMeNormal -Exits Admin Mode
  • Learn Emote:LearnEmote [emote] - Gain access to any emote
  • Toggle God: God - Grants God Mode (Invulnerable to damage, knockback, status effects, and more)
  • Player Can Be Everywhere:PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName] -Allows the player to build where building is disabled
  • Player Data:ToggleDebugHUD - Shows data regarding player status including one's ping
  • Level Follower:LevelFollowerUpTo [value] - Levels up a follower to a max level of 20
  • Follower Attributes:SetFollowerStat [stat] [value] - Set a follower's attributes (AttributeHealth, AttributeStamina, AttributeMight, AttributeAthleticism, AttributeAccuracy, AttributeEncumbrance, AttributeMetabolism, DamageModifierMelee, DamageModifierRanged)

When To Use Admin Commands In Conan Exiles

Like with mostConan Exiles console commands, the Admin commands are meant to be used when correcting unavoidable issues such as the various random glitches and bugs that can appear, though, not ones that pertain to graphical or gameplay errors. These commands should be used to remedy issues relating to in-game permissions and setting various core values.

Conan Exiles Movement Commands

Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do (2)

If one is physically stuck or needs to travel somewhere very quickly, it is recommended to utilize one of the many movement-related console commands.

All Conan Exiles Movement Commands & What They Do

  • Teleport:Teleport - Teleports self
  • Teleport Player:TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float] -Teleports self orother players to the specific coordinates
  • Teleport to Player:TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] -Teleports self to specific player
  • Summon Player:SummonPlayer [PlayerName] -Teleports a specific player to self
  • Enable Fly: Fly - Grants the ability to fly
  • Enable Ghost: Ghost - Makes self invisible, able to fly, and able to pass through solid objects
  • Walk:Walk - Exits Fly and Ghost Modes
  • Toggle Sprint Cost:NoSprintCost - Allows self to run without depleting stamina
  • Cloak:Cloak - Become invisible to NPCs
  • Toggle Invisibility:Invisibility - Become invisible to everyone, including other players

When To Use Movement Commands InConan Exiles

Getting trapped within the terrain is sometimes an issue when it comes to huge open worlds where there's bound to be at least a couple of spots here and there that act strangely. Clipping into rocks and trees can leave the player at a loss for what to do, and since this game allows players to generously shift their body proportions, unexpected things can occur. Thankfully, there are the Ghost and Teleport commands for such errors, which are fairly easy to implement.

Conan Exiles Toggle Perspective Commands

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If one is having issues with the game's camera, players can use perspective console commands to give them a better view of things.

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AllConan ExilesToggle Perspective Commands & What They Do

  • View Player:ViewPlayer [PlayerName] - Moves camerato specific player
  • View Self:ViewSelf - Moves camera to self

When To UseToggle Perspective Commands InConan Exiles

With all the crazy battles and expansive building, the camera following the player can potentially glitch out and fail to display useful visual information. This can be one of the worst issues in a game, as being unable to see things properly can ruin the gameplay experience beyond recovery due to video games being a heavily visual media format. Getting around this concern, however, is as easy as simply repositioning the camera.

Conan ExilesPurge Commands

Purge events can be tricky to deal with, especially if things glitch out and a beast becomes lodged in one's home or some other such nonsense. To alleviate these issues, players can use Purge commands for a quick fix, most of which are pretty self-explanatory.

AllConan ExilesPurge Commands & What They Do

  • Fill Player Purge Meter:FillPlayerPurgeMeter
  • Fill Player Clan Purge Meter:FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter
  • Empty Player Clan Purge Meter:EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter
  • Fill Clan Purge Meter:FillClanPergeMeter - Singleplayer only and is currently misspelled in-game
  • Fill All Clan Purge Meters:FillAllClanPurgeMeters
  • Empty All Clan Purge Meters:EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters
  • Start Purge:StartPlayerPurge
  • End Purge:EndPurge
  • Start Next Purge:StartNextPurgePhase - Initiates the start of a new Purge
  • Start Next Wave:StartNextWave - Initiates the start of the next wave of the current Purge

When To UsePurge Commands InConan Exiles

As Purge events are dictated by the various meters that measure their proximity and progress, simply adjusted the proper meter can sort issues out quickly enough, however, sometimes weird occurrences take place between waves and phases that can only be corrected by forcing them into the next stage.

Conan ExilesMiscellaneous Commands

Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do (5)

In addition to all the more specific console commands in the game, there are a ton that defies classification and should be used in specific circ*mstances where conventional methods fail to yield the desired results.

All Conan ExilesMiscellaneous Commands & What They Do

  • Toggle Player List:ShowPlayers -Lists all connected players on the server
  • Damage Target:DamageTarget [Value] -Deals damage to the object or NPC in crosshairs (not creatures)
  • Destroy Target:DestroyTarget -Removes the entirety of a player-built structure and temporarily destroys all objects of the same kind (including parts of the map)
  • Spawn Item:SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity] - Spawns the specific amount of the desired item
  • Print Player Information:PrintPlayerInfo -Grants the specific player's Steam name and in-game character name
  • Broadcast Message:BroadcastMessage [Message] - Sends a message to all players on the server via a pop-up window
  • Get Server Health:GetServerHealth - Lists statistics of the current server (FPS, player count, the number of spawned actors, the number of player bases, and the total number of building parts)
  • Get All Server Settings:GetAllServerSettings -Displays a list of all the available server settings that can be altered
  • SetServer Settings:SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString] -Allows one to alter the server settings
  • Shadow Quality:r.ShadowQuality [Value] -Determines transparency of shadows
  • Dynamic Cloth Physics:p.clothphysics [Value] -Determines cloth movement speed
  • Flush Log:FlushLog -Clears the log for server events
  • Identify Building:BuildingIdentify- Displays the information of a building
  • Destroy Building:BuildingDestroy[Value] - Completely destroys a specific building

When To UseMiscellaneous Commands InConan Exiles

As one would expect from miscellaneous commands, these pertain to a very wide variety of errors, so it would be best to make use of the issue one is having is does not fall under a previously mentioned category before checking out these Conan Exilesconsole commands.


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Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do (2024)
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