Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (2024)

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Emily has thousands of hours clocked in survival games, from ARK: Survival Evolved to 7 Days to Die; she loves the diversity of the genre. Initially skeptical about the theme of Conan Exiles, she quickly became addicted to the game and now recommends it to every survival fanatic she meets. Right now, she's probably in the Tundra on a seemingly endless quest to find a Baby Sabertooth.

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Table of Contents

  • Server Raid Settings
  • Server Raid Settings
  • Offline vs Online Raiding
  • Best Tools for Raiding
    • Thralls
    • Weapons
    • Trebuchet
    • Orbs
    • Other Explosives
    • Friends
  • General Tips for Raiding
    • Have a Packmule
    • Check the Decay
    • Set a Bedroll
    • Check for Weak Spots
    • Plan Your Attack
    • Craft Orbs after
    • The Explosive Attack
    • Water Orb Attack
  • Structure Tier List
    • Tier 1
    • Tier 2
    • Tier 3
  • FAQs
    • Question:Why Can't I Damage This Conan Exiles Base?
    • Question:How Do You Raid Cliff Bases?
    • Question:Are There Rules Against Raiding the Same Base Twice?
  • To Raid or Not to Raid
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ThisConan Exiles raiding guidewill be helpful when you’re ready to take that next step in PvP. Like in most survival games, raiding is part of Conan Exiles. Though it may not be a core part, not a day goes by in large servers without at least an attempt.

Of course, in PvE, raiding isn’t possible. But for those on PvP servers, knowing how raiding works is crucial. If you’re not, you won’t be able to take part, even if that’s just to defend your base from raiders.

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (3)

Server Raid Settings

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (4)

Server Raid Settings

It’s essential to know the raid settings on the server you play on before you start raiding. Official servers always have specific raid windows for a few hours each day. You cannot raid a base at any time other than within that window.

Many servers have announcements or pop-ups to let you know the raid windows. Otherwise, you will have to ask or check in Server Settings. If your server has a discord, I suggest hopping in it to keep track of this sort of thing.

Offline vs Online Raiding

This is based on preference, but only one is considered honorable. Offline raiding is not considered PvP because you’re not fighting against other players but rather destroying their homes and stealing their stuff while they’re at work, sleeping, taking care of their kids, etc.

However, some players play alone, making it nearly impossible to raid someone online if they have their clan with them. So, of course, there are exceptions that will ease the judgment. But know that unless, under specific circ*mstances, you will be judged for offline raiding.

However, I see a difference between purposely raiding someone when they are offline and just happening upon their base and giving it a go when they are offline. After all, premeditated crime receives heavier punishment.

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (5)

There are many tools for raiding bases in Conan Exiles. Actual “tools” will not serve you well, as you should use a weapon at any time during a raid when you may use a tool. However, “weapons” are also less effective than other methods.


Thralls are one of the best ways to defend against other thralls, pets, and players. Because if you invade someone’s base, expect them to defend. If they’re offline, they may have thralls and pets there to protect them.

It’s best to have an archer and a fighter so you can be prepared for any situation. Ensure they are T4 (a good one at that) and fully leveled for best results. If you need help picking the best thralls, here isa Fighter guideto get you started.


Weapons aren’t helpful on anything above a tier 1 building. But they can be useful whenever you infiltrate. You can take down crates and boxes with weapons as well as defend against any thralls, pets, or people.

Make sure you have good weapons, though. The type doesn’t matter as long as it hits hard, has good effects, and you are using it right. For example, if you’re using daggers, stay close, but remember to kite.


Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (6)
  • Level – 25
  • Knowledge – Engineer

The trebuchet is an excellent raid tool for reaching complex bases. It is a pain to set up, but it is still one of those tools that’s only useful for raids in general. Of course, the trebuchet can also be used for defending, which is its primary use. To use it, you have to first build it and then load it. The steps are relatively simple once you get used to them because you keep building on the same base.

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (7)
  1. Build Siege Foundation
  2. Build Trebuchet Base
  3. Build Trebuchet Frame
  4. Build Trebuchet Arm
  5. Build Boulders for Ammo

Once you build it, there’s still a learning curve, but this thing can shoot from 100 meters away when placed on just one base. Follow these steps after you make ammo.

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (8)
  1. Place a Counterweight (in the front where you reload)
  2. Adust Angle (lever on side)
  3. Fire (lever near back)


Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (9)

This is the number one way to raid bases in Conan Exiles. I’ll go over exact strategies later, but for now, I want to go over the options you have in a more straightforward manner, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Orbs and explosives are the only way you can deal damage to most bases now in Conan Exiles. So if you want to destroy a wall, you will have to know how to make orbs.

Note:To make these orbs, put an Alchemist at an Alchemist’s Bench.

  • Demon-fire Orb-deals continuous fire damage
  • Gaseous Orb– poison gas damage
  • Grease Orbs– works only when set on fire but creates massive AoE
  • Water Orbs– can be used to put out accidental fires or defend against fire attacks

Other Explosives

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (10)

Explosives are very similar to orbs but aren’t considered such. Examples of explosives include Explosive Arrows, Explosive Jars, and Demon-Fire Barrages, a type of explosive ammo for the trebuchet.

Explosive Jars are the primary form of explosives. You make them with the Construction Hammer with the Explosives knowledge. They work like a bomb or dynamite as they must be lit before throwing them.


This is the best tool for raiding in Conan Exiles. The more people you have, the easier it will be. You can make quick work of throwing orbs to burn the place down or taking out the entire clan that lives inside.

It also gives you at least one extra thrall per person, even if the thrall wasn’t theirs, to begin with. That’s a huge advantage whenever you have high-level, geared-up thralls. The only time more players aren’t that helpful is when you’re sneaking in.

General Tips for Raiding

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (11)

Anyone can raid once they know the basics. But there are a few tips that will increase your chances of success when you decide to take that leap and join the PvP-raiding world of Conan Exiles.

Have a Packmule

If you’re playing with other players, have one person wear light armor and ensure they can carry as much as possible. They will be the looter of the gang. They should grab as much as they can as fast as possible whenever you breakthrough.

If you don’t have another player, having a bearer thrall follower may be more beneficial than a fighter or archer. Have them right next to you and carry everything you loot.

Check the Decay

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (12)

You can use a construction hammer to check the decay of the structures. This will let you know how long it’s been since the area was repaired and how strong the structure currently is.

Set a Bedroll

It’s hugely beneficial to set a bedroll near the enemy’s base so that if you die, you will be close by, yet you won’t reset where your main spawn is and can thus leave it at your base.

But if you don’t have a bedroll nearby, you can pretty much guarantee that everything you brought with you is forever lost and your raid was a complete fail. That is one depressing day.

Check for Weak Spots

There are plenty of ways a structure can have weak spots. One of the first things to check is if there is anywhere you can climb up. If there aren’t spikes or crenelations, then you likely can just climb over.

Veteran players won’t leave any weak spots, but newer players may not even know about climbing restrictions. Another way to look for weaknesses includes looking for tier-1 walls.

Plan Your Attack

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (13)

Planning your attack is so important that I suggest never raiding a spot you haven’t scouted at least a day before. Make a blueprint of the base you will raid if you have to, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with winging it, but we’re discussing increasing your chances of success. To do that, plan your route, your method of attack, and how many orbs and such you will need.

Craft Orbs after

The orbs are heavy, but the materials aren’t too bad. So I suggest taking the materials with you and crafting the orbs after you get there. Make them just ahead of what you need to attack.

It’s a good idea to have one person crafting orbs and either dropping them for the throwers or putting them in a box for everyone to use out of. It will save you a lot of inventory space.

The Explosive Attack

There is a specific method for explosive arrows that works super well to make double the explosions. Even if you don’t follow it step-by-step, it gives you a good concept of how explosives work so you can make your own methods.

  • Shoot an oil arrow
  • Shoot a gas arrow
  • Shoot an explosive arrow
  • Shoot a gas arrow

Water Orb Attack

Water orbs are an excellent way to attack at night. Throw orbs on any light source to take them out, then sneak in and ambush attack. This way, you get the first attack on other players and thralls.

Or, choose another method, sneak in if you can find a way, and loot before dipping you without fighting. Even with a classic attack, giving less vision to enemies at night is an advantage.

Structure Tier List

Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (14)

There are three structure tiers in Conan Exiles. The tiers sort material into how easy they are to destroy. The health of the materials has a significant jump between tiers, so they are much harder to break into.

Tier 1

  • Sets– Sandstone and Flotsam
  • Wall Health– 7000
  • Weapon Needed to Destroy– Steel, Explosives, or Orbs

This type of structure will look like pure sandstone or wood. The designs you see that are sandy in color (obviously) are sandstone, and the ones that look like a pirate built them are Flotsam.

Tier 2

  • Sets– Stonebrick and Insulated Wood
  • Wall Health– 52500
  • Weapon Needed to Destroy– Explosives and Orbs

There’s a huge jump between Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials. You may notice a Tier 2 base has a mix of brick, smooth wood, and stone. So they are easy to spot and are the most common among all players.

Tier 3

  • Sets– Reinforces Stone and Black Ice
  • Wall Health– 70000
  • Weapon Needed to Destroy– Explosives and Orbs

This is the strongest type of structure, so you must ensure you’re well-prepared before diving in. These structures will have extra details like spikes on the walls. If someone has a 100% Tier 3 base, there’s not a great chance you’ll get through with just one player.

To put things into perspective, an explosive jar does 5,000 damage. So you need 14 jars for one wall. But chances are the base is built well enough that you have to destroy much more than that to get in.


Question:Why Can’t I Damage This Conan Exiles Base?

Answer: Common reasons that you can’t damage a base is that it’s a higher tier than your weapons or it isn’t during raid time. Make sure you double-check these two things before trying again.

Question:How Do You Raid Cliff Bases?

Answer: Cliff bases are challenging to raid, which is why they are popular. But the solution would depend on why you’re struggling. If your orbs won’t reach you and you can’t climb anywhere, there isn’t much you can do, which is a weakness in the Conan PvP setup.

Question:Are There Rules Against Raiding the Same Base Twice?

Answer:This is entirely based on server rules, but you can be reported for griefing or harassment if you pick on one base, especially if you are at a higher level than the players you are raiding.

To Raid or Not to Raid

Choosing to raid someone’s base in Conan Exiles is a big decision. After all, you sever ties you had with the said player/clan and immediately become a target. So expect a revenge raid soon after you raid someone.

However, raiding is expected because Conan Exiles is a PvP game on most servers. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself to be raided at any time and ensure you can handle it.

No one will think badly of you for raiding a base under fair circ*mstances. Though if you don’t care about revenge raids or giving yourself a bad name, there’s no reason not to give it a go.

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Conan Exiles Raiding Guide: Intruder Alert, Close the Gates - Conan Fanatics (2024)
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