Conan Exiles Sorcery Guide – How To Learn, Cast & Unlock Spells (2024)

The Age of Sorcery has descended onto the Exiled Lands as players can learn the basics, how to cast and unlock more spells in Conan Exiles.

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Developer Funcom had released the latest update for its survival MMO, Conan Exiles, introducing sorcery to the game. The Age of Sorcery brings dark magic to the Exiled Lands to those who wish to follow the dark path of corruption.

This includes mastering the sorceries to create inanimate objects, summon demonic entities and bring the dead to life to be used against all enemies. This guide will help players navigate sorcery in how to learn, cast sorceries and unlock more spells in Conan Exiles.

How To Learn Sorcery In Conan Exiles?

Dedicated Conan exiles players looking to trade their swords for a staff must first unlock and learn sorcery before becoming a master sorcerer. This involves a sorcery book whose whereabouts can be tracked by defeating sorcerer NPCs in campsites across the Exiled Lands to receive a clue leading you to a location.

This tasks them with heading out to Shaleback Hollow in the Exiled Lands and venturing deep within the cave. As they progress through the cave, they can easily pass by all the enemies until reaching the end to find a sorcery book atop a stone altar.

Interacting with the book unlocks sorcery plus obtaining scrolls for two basic sorcery skills, Word of Power: Ice Bridge and Word of Power: Reveal Corruption. In addition, they’ll receive some sorcery items such as five Burlap Pouches, an Arcane Staff, the sorcery book itself, and the Tome of Kurak.

To begin learning these sorceries, navigate to the Knowledge section and locate the Sorcery tab to view all the sorceries they’ve learned. The Arcane Staff will be the primary weapon of choice to focus on casting spells, with the pouches assisting with the casting.

A blueprint for a sorcerer bench, the Thaumaturgy Bench, must be built as it’s the workstation for crafting sorcery-related items and equipment. Once the staff is equipped with the character, or in this case, it’s lost or destroyed, it can be crafted, and it can then be utilized to begin casting.

How To Cast Spells In Conan Exiles?

As mentioned earlier, the Arcane Staff is a necessary piece of equipment for casting sorceries in Conan Exiles. Channeling sorcery through the staff allows them to have two runes, with more unlocked later presented before them, representing various realms or schools of sorcery.

Choose any one of the available runes in which a voice echoes the rune’s corresponding Word of Power. From here, all the spells relating to this specific realm or school can access in which they can select their preferred sorcery.

This sorcery will remain active for around five minutes, for which the Arcane Staff must remain equipped to the character. If the staff is swopped up, the spell would subsequently be canceled and need to be recast again.

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The Burlap Pouch is required for using the Word of Power: Ice Bridge, as utilizing it will assist with casting a frozen bridge. Casting it will cause the character to gain corruption, a status effect that will deplete the Health and Stamina meters when exposed, especially when using powerful sorceries.

How To Unlock Sorcery Spells In Conan Exiles?

Now that they’ve unlocked and learned the basics of sorcery, where does one gain access to more sorceries? They can upgrade the Tome of Kurak to learn new sorcery if they have the Thaumaturgy Bench.

Crafting the sorcery workstation requires 300 Stone, 50 Crystal, and 50 Iron Bars to be built from the Crafting hub. Interact with the workstation and below the Crafting section, select the Tome of Kurak to reveal specific items required to upgrade it.

It will always require a Sorcerous Spell Page as one of the items which can be obtained when exploring the world, at campsites near sorcerers, and by defeating sorcerer NPCs, as mentioned earlier. There’s also a chance that they may drop Failed Sorcerous Spell Pages, which can be helpful for other purposes.

Likewise, you can also capture sorcerers and have them work at the Thaumaturgy Bench, which unlocks two Research blueprints; crafting them grants several items. These include the Failed Sorcerous Spell Pages, Papyrus Scrolls, Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, and Inking Brush.

After upgrading the tome, go to the Sorcery tab to view the new sorceries acquired and additional blueprints for other sorcery-related items. Depending on which sorceries they’ll utilize will significantly affect whether these items will benefit the character and how much corruption they’ll gain when using them.

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Featured image courtesy of Funcom.

Conan Exiles Sorcery Guide – How To Learn, Cast & Unlock Spells (2024)
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