Men's Underwear Guide (2024)

What To Wear Under There

Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear; while only very few people will see it, it is worn every day, all day, right next to your skin. As such, comfort is paramount in underwear, as is getting the right underwear for the right occasion: while many men prefer one kind of underwear, it makes more sense to choose the style based on the day’s activity.

Table of Contents

  1. What To Wear Under There
  2. The History of Undergarments
  3. Underwear Today
  4. Men’s Underwear FAQ
  5. Underwear Colors and Patterns
  6. Underwear Materials
  7. Men’s Underwear Quality Hallmarks
  8. Underwear Buying Guide
  9. Conclusion

When it comes to choosing underwear and materials, there are a plethora of options on the market today, which makes it difficult to find underwear that is perfect for you without buying and testing one of each kind for yourself. Therefore, we decided to do all of that for you!

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“Semper ubi sub ubi”

Humorous Phony Latin phrase

In this guide, you will learn the history of undergarments in menswear, the cuts of underwear currently available, the common materials from which underwear is made, the best types of underwear to wear for different activities, and quality hallmarks for underwear. You will also have access to our Buying Guide, for which we carefully tested several well-known and also niche underwear brands. We will also share with you our favorite men’s underwear brands.

The History of Undergarments

Ancient Underwear: The Loin Cloth

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The earliest form of underwear was a loincloth, worn by both men and women. Originally made from leather but later out of many fabrics, a loincloth is a simple strip of fabric that is wrapped around the nethers. Although worn as an outer garment by prehistoric man, by the start of recorded history, the loincloth had largely been consigned to appearing under other clothes, like robes, skirts, or trousers.

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“Thus says the Lord to me, ‘Go and buy a linen loincloth and put it around your waist, and do not dip it in water.'”

The Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 13, Verse 1

Loincloths can be seen in artistic depictions from ancient Egyptian, and are referenced as underwear in historical texts from around the globe, worn from Rome to China and by Celts and Greeks alike. Loincloths are even mentioned over a dozen times in the Bible.

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Why did men start wearing


Historically, washing clothes was a labor- and time-intensive process. Undergarments like underwear and undershirts provided a protective layer between the body, and outerwear like shirts or trousers, by keeping the outer clothes cleaner so that they required less washing. Conversely, because of their small size, plain materials, and lack of decoration, undergarments could be washed much more easily and safely than other clothes. Also, if they did get extremely dirty, undergarments were easier and cheaper to replace than outer garments.

Undershirts Worn as Underwear

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During the Early Middle Ages, men in the West began to wear very long undershirts that fell below the groin, reaching, sometimes, to the knees. These long undershirts were tucked into the trousers and served as a single undergarment that functioned both as an undershirt and underwear, shielding outer garments from any stains that might come from the body.

This style of underwear remained extremely popular in the West and was the primary form of men’s underwear for centuries, still being in use into the 18th century.

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Why on earth did men wear


During the Early Modern Period, historic pants like breeches and pantaloons were cinched at the waist and knees or ankles with ribbons. It was, therefore, relatively difficult to remove these garments as they required unlacing. To make it easier to go to the bathroom, codpieces were worn, because they could be removed, thanks to more accessible buttons or laces, relatively easily. Many portraits from this era feature highly decorated and even bejeweled codpieces.

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The Union Suit: Combining Undershirts and Underwear into One

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During the 19th century, the elongated undershirt often worn as underwear was transformed into a suit with pant legs. Referred to as a union suit, because it consisted of one united piece of fabric, this garment was originally designed for women but soon became extremely popular with men.

Unlike the hem of a long undershirt, the legs of the union suit could reach down to the ankles and still be worn with trousers, providing both warmth and greater garment protection. Made from wool or flannel, union suits also featured a front fly and a buttoned rear flap, for convenience when nature called.

Union suits proved extremely popular in both North America and Europe, and some men continued to wear them well into the 20th century. In fact, the union suit eventually evolved into a type of sleeping garment that remains popular with some men to this day.

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The World’s First

Boxer Shorts

In the mid-1920s, a boxing company called Everlast began to tweak the leather trunks that they manufactured for prize fighters, making them from softer fabrics and featuring a comfortable elastic band instead of laces. Although originally marketed as an athletic garment, some salesmen began to push these shorts as an undergarment. Eventually, they would come to be known as boxer shorts.Because men still valued the structured support and added warmth of union suits, especially prior to the popularization of central heating, boxer shorts did not supplant the primacy of the union suit, but they had made their mark.

Modern Underwear Develops in the Early 20th Century

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In 1934, a man by the name of Arthur Kneibler, a senior executive at Coopers, Inc., a hosiery company, received a telegram from a close friend in France. The telegram came with a novelty postcard depicting a sideshow strongman in abbreviated shorts. This triggered the imagination ofKneibler,who immediately realized that this type of apparel could be worn by men as underwear. He then devised what he would eventually name “Jockey shorts,” selecting the name because he intended to design the shorts to include internal support similar to an athletic cup, popularly known as a “jock strap.”

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The origins of the term


In 16th-century Scotland and Northern England, “Jock” was the colloquial form of the common name “Jack.” The term “Jock” was soon applied generally to any strong working man, and it eventually came to refer to any athletic man. The term soon lent itself to a wide variety of athletic situations, such as the name for a horserider, or jockey, in a horse race, as well as the term “jockstrap,” for the protective cup worn over the privates.

By 1935, the Marshall Fields department store in Chicago began carrying the newly developed jockey shorts, and they sold out by the end of the first day. This also gave way to men opting to re-try the boxer shorts developed some years earlier, and by the end of the 1940s, both boxer shorts and briefs were the regular styles worn by men instead of the traditional union suits.

In fact, the jockey shorts were so popular that in 1971 Coopers changed their company name to Jockey.

The Late 20th Century: Bulk and Designer Underwear Proliferates

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Menswear undergarments remained largely unchanged throughout the Golden Age of Menswear. In the 1970s, innovations in textile manufacturing and the proliferation of cheap synthetic fabrics led to an underwear boom, in which men’s underwear could be manufactured more efficiently and more easily than ever before.

This development produced two distinct trends.

The first was the popularity of extremely cheap, multi-packs of underwear that cost very little to make. These garments were so cheap to make, in fact, that they could be patterned with humorous or novelty designs without impacting markup. As a result, novelty underwear, featuring cartoon characters, ironic images like hearts or cupids, and ribald jokes became popular.

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THe king of novelty underwear?

Joe Boxer

Starting in the early 1980s, the company Joe Boxer began making novelty underwear that could be decorated with humorous stick-on velcro patches of funny or dirty words and pictures. After gaining immense popularity with a smiley-face motif, Joe Boxer released a line of underwear featuring $100 bills. The US Treasury Department decided that the underwear violated forgery laws and seized over a thousand pairs of the unique underwear. Rather than fighting it in court, Joe Boxer took advantage of the free publicity.

At the same time, various fashion brands began to market heavily logoed underwear because it was relatively cheap to make and could be sold at a high markup. While not all of this brand-name underwear was low quality, many manufacturers hoped that consumers would focus more on the logo and less on the actual quality of the underwear. To compete, established underwear brands began to place a greater emphasis on advertising and the value of their heritage status.

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Underwear Today

In the last few decades, advances in underwear have mostly been limited to materials and a few gimmicks without any real innovation. Most of the underwear styles and materials currently on the market have existed in some way, shape, or form in the past, but the rise of “performance fabrics” and “better support” internal structures have led to an advertising blitz around men’s unmentionables.

“When we set out to get into the head of former Fed Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, we never imagined the journey would take us into the underwear drawers of America. It turns out you can tell a lot about the state or the country’s economy by the state of men’s underpants. At least that’s what Alan Greenspan seems to think.”

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Can men’s underwear predict the


In 2008 American economist Alan Greenspan noted that the men’s underwear industry was an important indicator of US economic health because the purchase of underwear was viewed as discretionary. Whenever the economy tanks, men stop buying new underwear first because they aren’t public garments. Subsequently, it has been noted that downturns in the economy do seem to correspond with decreased underwear sales.

Men’s Underwear FAQ

What underwear is the best for men to wear?

While many men wear only one type of underwear, it actually makes the most sense for men to wear a variety of underwear that is suited to the particular task that they are doing. Tight, moisture-wicking underwear, for instance, works well when exercising, while low-rise underwear with abbreviated legs might work best when wearing tight jeans.

What are the main types of men’s underwear?

The main types of men’s underwear are briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, and abbreviated underwear like bikinis, thongs, and g-strings.

What are the common materials for men’s underwear?

Men’s underwear is traditionally made from natural materials, like cotton, linen, or silk, or synthetics, like modal, tencel, or cupro.

What is the most comfortable type of underwear?

Comfort is subjective, but it always depends upon two main factors: material and construction. Select an underwear fabric that feels good against your skin and is sufficiently breathable for regular aeration. When considering underwear construction, select a type that rests comfortably on your body and with seams that do not irritate your skin.

What size underwear should I buy?

Most men’s underwear is sold in regular sizes such as Small, Medium, and Large, which correspond to a range of waist measurements in either inches or centimeters. Check the sizing guide for the maker of the underwear to determine what size you are, as sizes vary according to the manufacturer.

How should underwear fit?

Underwear should be fitted according to your comfort and your anticipated activities. Some men prefer loose, airy underwear, while others prefer tight and close-fitting. While it is true that certain cuts and styles of underwear will excel in particular situations, ultimately, the best fit is the fit that makes you feel the most comfortable with adequate support.

What color is best for underwear?

If you are wearing dark or thick trousers, your underwear can be any color, and no one can see it. If you are wearing light-colored or thinner fabric, your underwear might be visible if it is in high contrast to your skin tone. To prevent this issue, consider wearing underwear in a gray or heather tone that is the same approximate shade as your skin.

Does underwear really need a special pouch for your privates?

Every man requires a different level of personal support. Some men will benefit from underwear that features a pouch that cradles and supports the testes. For other men, however, this feature might be superfluous and represent an overengineered solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Are particular types of underwear bad for your health?

There is considerable misinformation regarding how different cuts of underwear allegedly positively or negatively impact men’s penile and testicular health, especially as relates to sperm count, the risk of testicular torsion, and blood flow to the penis. For the vast majority of men, underwear will have no effect on these issues, but if you are concerned, speak to your general practitioner or a urologist.

Contemporary Underwear Types & Styles

Suit the Underwear to the Occasion

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Men’s underwear comes in many different styles, and most men usually settle on one style of underwear and keep wearing that same style no matter the activity. Some enjoy the comfort and security of briefs, others prefer the freedom of boxers, and many opt for boxer briefs. Others prefer thongs and g-strings.

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“I got some new underwear the other day. Well, new to me!”

Groucho Marx

To take advantage of the wide range of underwear available, it makes the most sense to change your underwear type based on your activity and outer garments. Tighter fitting, clingy underwear makes more sense, for instance, when running at the gym, while underwear with abbreviated leg holes but a looser waistband might be better suited to hours spent sitting at the office.

The following section details the major varieties of men’s underwear currently on the market. We recommend utilizing this information to determine what kinds of underwear will best suit the many occasions of your lifestyle.

Boxer Shorts

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Boxer shorts are loose and offer little support. They come with an elastic waistband and a button fly, and straight leg openings with a shorter inseam. They are favored for their comfort and airy construction but can be prone to bunching and unsightly wadding under tighter trousers.

Loose and airyTendency to bunch up underneath clothing
Usually made of absorbent cottonToo much fabric to work well with skinny jeans or trim-cut pants
Hard-wearingToo much fabric to work well with skinny jeans or trim-cut pants
Good for sleepingCotton-covered gathered elastic waistband can be less comfortable than a flat elastic waistband.


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Briefs, or jockey shorts, are easily identified by their elastic waistband, nolegand minimal coverage. They usually offer a Y-shaped fly in the front and have enough fabric to offer full coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh with complete coverage of the buttocks. Briefs provide excellent support and are less prone to bunching and rising than other styles. They’re an excellent choice for men who opt to wear tighter pants or low-rise pants. They are perfect for men who work at a desk alldaybecause they end in the natural crease between the body and leg. With the development of lower-rise pants, such as jeans, becoming more popular with men, there are also mid-rise and low-rise briefs that sit at the belly button or three inches below the waist, respectively.

Ideal for jeans, especially skinny jeansCan appear old-fashioned
Perfect if you sit a lotCan accentuate portly figures
No bunching up of material
Elongates the leg

Boxer Briefs

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Boxer briefs are often viewed as a middle ground between boxers and briefs. They are cut like tapered boxers with the snug and supportive fit of the briefs. Similar to a brief, boxer briefs maintain their comfortable fit all day long. They are excellent for physical activity and look especially good even if you are not in your best shape.

Combines best aspects of boxers and briefsCombines worst aspects of boxers and briefs
Works under all kinds of pantsWorse than briefs for sitting but better than boxer shorts because, generally, little to no bunching
Perfect for workouts, particularly compression boxer briefs

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Compression Trunks for


Some underwear brands like Under Armour have introduced compression trunks as a variation on conventional boxer briefs. These trunks have been specifically designed to be worn at the gym, with tight, highly-breathable materials, and are an excellent example of sports underwear that has been specifically designed and intended for use when working out.

Abbreviated Underwear: Bikinis, Thongs, and G-Strings

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There are men who enjoy the feel and look of a thong, bikini, or g-string, but it is not for everybody. Typically all of these styles work best for men with exceptionally well-sculpted bodies who relish the look of it.

Types of Abbreviated Underwear

  • Thebikiniis a smaller style of the brief, also called a micro brief. They expose the entire thigh, still managing to cover the buttocks with a small front pouch.
  • Thethong, similar to the bikini, offers a confined space in the front connected by thin fabric strips, leaving the buttocks exposed.
  • Theg-stringis a minimalist version of the thong that shows as much skin as possible. Usually made of spandex or nylon, they can be slightly more expensive than the other styles due to the materials used.
No bunchingCrotch string can be uncomfortable
Makes a statementUsually only sold at specialty dealers

Underwear Colors and Patterns

Men’s Underwear Comes in a Wide Variety of Designs

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Men’s underwear today comes in all colors and patterns under the sun, with the most popular color being solid white. Black, various shades of gray, blues, reds, and off-whites are also popular, as are stripes, checks, and polka dots for patterns.

As previously mentioned, novelty underwear is also very popular, with various motifs that range from silly cartoon characters to sexy imagery.

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How to Avoid Showing Your Underweard Through Your Trousers

If you wear lightweight pants such as cotton,seersucker,orfine worstedsin light colors, you can see prominent underwear patterns through your trousers. In that case, you want a pair of underwear in solid tones that are as close to your skin tone as possible. Solid white underwear will show under a white pair of pants because it contrasts with your skin color. You can look for nude underwear that matches your skin tone, but they are often hard to find. Instead, go with a shade of solid or heather grey that is as close to your skin tone as possible. The less contrast between your underwear and your skin tone, the less you will be able to see your underwear through your pants.

Underwear Materials

Fabric Choice Impacts Comfort, Durability, and Appearance

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Apart from their cut, the material from which underwear is made has the biggest impact on its longevity, quality, and comfort. As such, it is an important consideration to make when selecting the pair that is right for you.

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Cotton is the most popular underwear material because it is absorbent, breathable, and widely available. Most men look specifically for cotton underwear. Just like with any natural fiber, cotton has a huge quality spectrum, and so the price from one pair of cotton underwear to the next can vary tremendously, not just in feel, touch, and look, but also in price.

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What’s in a name?

Cotton Seals

Because cotton has such a huge quality spectrum, many companies try to distinguish their cotton by using words such as two-ply, Sea Island, Pima Cotton, or Egyptian Cottom. While some of these terms are trademarked, such as Supima Cotton by American Pima Cotton or swiss+cotton, others, like Sea Island or two-ply, are not. The terms without protection are often abused, and if you analyze the numbers, it seems that Sea Island cotton multiplies manifold on its journey from the fields to the shops. The WISICA International (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association International) inspects and certifies every kilogram of locally produced cotton, but its seal of approval is often faked.

Assessing Quality Cotton

Because cotton is the most common material for men’s underwear, it is advisable to understand the basics for assessing its quality.

Staple Length

DesignationFiber Length (Inches)
Very Short<0.25
Extra Long>1.38

At the end of the day, what matters when it comes to cotton is the staple length. Extra-long staple cotton can be spunfinerin the yarn, and thus, it will feel softer on your skin; it will last longer and look better, but in order to get that, you will have to spend more.

Many companies have established standards for staple length. For instance, for cotton to be calledswiss+cotton, 75% must be extra-long-staple cotton with a length of at least 35.72mm, and at least 67% of the added value in the production process must be provided in Switzerland, including spinning, weaving, and dying.


Men's Underwear Guide (29)

Contrary to what you might assume, you cannot simply touch cotton to gauge its quality by how soft it feels. Many processes used to make cotton feel softer often cause inferior fabric performance. One way to create a softer material is to use a thinner yarn that is more likely to break while in use. Another is to use a very short staple yarn that is fuzzy, like flannel. While the latter feels soft at first, it will start to pill very quickly because the cheap, short-staple cotton fibers are easier to loosen and, therefore, prone to piling. Finally, some cottons are chemically treated to feel softer, but that treatment will fade away after regular washing.

Cotton Blends

Men's Underwear Guide (30)

Even if cotton is labeled as 100% cotton, it may not always be 100%. Legally, even a 97% cotton composition can be declared as 100%. But in fact, for underwear, it is desirable to have elastic fibers blended in because the final product provides more comfort. As such, it is not unusual to see blends of 92% cotton with 8% Lycra, and similar compositions.

When shopping for cotton blends, look for 90% or higher cotton blends because they are usually the best, and of course, the better the cotton, the softer and more comfortable your underwear will be.


Natural materialProne to shrinking
Absorbent and breathableColor doesn’t always hold
Easy to launderNot all examples are inherently soft


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A microfiber is any synthetic fiber, usually made from polyester, polyimide, or rayon, that is designed to be extremely thin and fine. Used in everything from eyeglass cleaning cloths to doormats, microfiber has become popular as an underwear fabric because finer fiber results in a softer feel, and microfibers are some of the finest fibers in existence.


Men's Underwear Guide (33)

One of the most popular synthetic fibers for underwear is Modal. A trademarked material manufactured by the Austrian company Lenzing, Modal is based on rayon extracted from beechwood. According to theKawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics, a mechanized system for objectively assessing softness,Modal is twice as soft as cotton.


To get even softer, Lenzing created a microfiber version of Modal, which is called MicroModal, and it is three times as soft as cotton! Therefore, it is very popular in the underwear industry, and whenever you touch a piece of underwear that is very soft, chances are it is modal.

MicroModal Air

The most recent innovation from Lenzing, MicroModal Air is the finest available material in terms of thinness, breathability, and softness. The fiber diameter is even thinner than MicroModal, which results in an ephemeral, floaty material. It is softer than MicroModal, and softer than silk, but at the same time, it is much more breathable than silk and also moisture-wicking. MicroModal Air also retains its color and shape despite repeated laundering and, hence, should be the top choice of material if you are in the market for high-end luxurious underwear.

Shrink resistantProne to pilling
Unlikely to fadeLess strong than cotton when wet, but as strong as cotton when dry
Many times softer than cotton
Very breathable


Men's Underwear Guide (34)

Another popular synthetic fabric from Lenzing, Tencel is very similar to Modal in the sense that it is soft and derived from wood. Unlike Modal, it is a lyocell fiber, and, as such, is a greener, even more, sustainable fiber. Although not as soft as Modal, it is stronger than both Modal and cotton.

Shrink resistantNot as breathable as the MicroModal air
Stronger than cotton or modalNot as soft as the MicroModal air
50% more moisture-wicking than cottonNot as thin as MicroModal air
Naturally inhibits bacterial growth


Men's Underwear Guide (35)

Favored because it is a naturally cooling and natural material, linen enjoys a small but important niche position as an underwear fabric. Due to its rougher texture, linen is almost always blended with other fibers when made into underwear. Linen can be very bulky as an underwear fabric, but because it is so breathable, it can be a great option when sitting for long periods of time, such as when at work or traveling.

NaturalDifficult to wash
Highly BreathableHard to find
Eco-friendlyRelatively expensive


Men's Underwear Guide (36)

Although popular as a material in sleepwear and ladies’ lingerie, silk is relatively rare as a fabric for men’ s underwear. This is partly due to the natural expense of silk, and because genuine, untreated silk can be difficult to clean. Furthermore, despite being extremely soft, the tight weave of silk reduces its breathability, and, as such, it can be stifling as underwear in warmer weather.

Extremely softExpensive
NaturalDifficult to clean
Elegant lusterPotentially stuffy

Cupro/ Bemberg

Men's Underwear Guide (37)

Short forcuprammonium rayon, cupro is a rayon made from cellulose dissolved in a cuprammonium solution. It is also known as ammonia silk or Bemberg, and was invented by the now-defunct GermanJ.P Bemberg company. Cupro / Bemberg is popular for jacket linings because of its smooth, gliding surface. For the same reason, it is also used in underwear. Usually, it is blended with other materials, such as viscose or polyester, to achieve better functionality as underwear.

SmoothNot as soft
DurableCan be difficult to clean

Men’s Underwear Quality Hallmarks


Seam Comfort

Comfort is crucial when it comes to underwear because we wear it all day, every day. While the material has the singles greatest impact on comfort level, the cut, the pouch, and the quality and positioning of the seams are also very important. To reduce the number of seams, ladies’ underwear is often made with 360-degree knitting on special machines. Because of the need for the fly, however, this cannot be done with men’s underwear. That being said, you will find that luxury men’s underwear brands now offer back knitted or cut thigh openings that do not unravel! Traditionally, you needed a seam for it not to unravel, but new advancements in knitting technology now allow for smooth leg openings.


Men's Underwear Guide (38)


If you look at underwear as an investment, you can break it down to cost per wear. A cheaper, all-cotton pair of underwear will fade and shrink regularly, requiring the constant purchasing of new pairs. On the other hand, a pair of luxury underwear will require a larger upfront investment, but it will feel softer and make you feel more comfortable. And, if you have a decent rotation, it will be easy to wear these for years to come, requiring fewer replacement purchases. Just like with quality Goodyear-welted shoes, quality underwear pays off in the long run. And, it is not necessary for every pair of underwear in your closet to be the best; choose your activity and then the pair of underwear that suits it best.


Men's Underwear Guide (39)


Most of the time, you are the only person who will see your underwear, so when it comes to aesthetic design and styling, you are free to choose whatever you desire. If it fits your personality, do not be afraid to festoon your underwear with cartoon hearts or cartoon characters if it is something that you enjoy. For a more Classic styling cue, consider basic solids and subtle patterns, like stripes or polka dots, which were typical underwear designs during the Golden Age of Menswear. Classic patterns like these may be more suitable for occasions when you are in your undergarments around other people, such as in a locker room or while with an intimate partner.

Underwear Buying Guide

Invest in the Best Underwear You Can Afford

Men's Underwear Guide (40)

Ultimately, you have to pick the underwear style and material that is most comfortable for you, but also, taking your intended activities into account will aid you in getting the best possible use from your underwear.

Over the last few years, the underwear world has been flooded with brands that all promise you quality at various price points. Keep in mind, just like with most things in this world: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Mindful of this reality, we have tested several dozen brands over the last three years, and here are our findings.

Low-Budget Underwear

Men's Underwear Guide (41)

Even if you are on a budget, you can get great bang for your buck with our recommended brands. But be sure to avoid the brands we do not recommend: even at this low price point, they are a waste of money.

We recommend…Because…
UniqloStarting at $6.45 you get a great selection of reasonably soft materials and modern cuts, no matter if you are in the market for Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs. Of course, it is not comparable to a luxury pair of underwear, but if you are on a budget, and you need some underwear, it’s a good start.
Marks & SpencerIf you are based in the UK, Marks & Spencer provides budget underwear with an ok quality level.
We recommending avoiding…Because
Common Budget LinesEven though they are probably one of the best sellers, we do not recommendHanes,Champion,orFruit of The Loombecause even though they are cheap, they do not last long, and they lack comfort.

Mid-Market Underwear

Men's Underwear Guide (42)

A step up from budget entries, the underwear brands in this category will likely represent the “sweet-spot” for most men who are willing to pay more for comfort, longevity, and a variety of designs without breaking the bank.

We recommend…Because…
Calvin KleinCalvin Klein has been a dominant player in the menswear industry since the 1990s, and it’s not just due to their marketing budget. In the past, I wore Calvin Klein cotton blend boxer briefs for years. In recent years, they have pushed hard for non-cotton underwear, but you can still find all kinds of options from them.The only problem with Calvin Klein today seems to be that it is often produced under license. Thus, stores like TJ Maxx can license the name, and manufacture whatever underwear with the CK label. Consequently, the brand seems to be no guarantee for consistency in quality. Keep that in mind when you buyCalvin Klein.
Under ArmourUnder Armour started out as a performance undershirt company that introduced moisture-wicking fabrics for athletes. Over the last two decades, it has grown rapidly and is on track to seriously rival Nike as the number one sports gear brand in the world. While they offerall kinds of underwear, they introduced performance boxer briefs that are moisture-wicking, compressing, and anti-microbial. Unfortunately, they seem to have some quality control/sizing issues because in our experience the fit for the same size can vary drastically. Definitely only buy from a trusted source where you can exchange them if you are unhappy.
DimThis French brand offers good basics in fashion-forward styles that last.
SchiesserOwned by Calzedonia, this Italian brand offers a wide range of men’s underwear types, with a focus on natural and high-quality synthetic materials. From simple cotton briefs to boxers decorated with clownfish, this company offers every kind of underwear you could want at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of their regular bulk sales for even greater savings.
Intimissimi UomoOwned by Calzedonia, this Italian brand offers a wide range of men’s underwear types, with a focus on natural and high-quality synthetic materials. From simple cotton briefs to boxers decorated with clown fish, this company offers every kind of underwear you could want at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of their regular bulk sales for even greater savings.

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Innovative Underwear (That Is Often Gimmicky)

Because the underwear market has been flooded with new brands in recent years, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd. As such, numerous companies have tried to come up with new ideas, most of them focusing on overengineered variations on the pouch at the front of the underwear.

We recommending avoiding…Because…
SaxxThis brand is the most popular example of the “pouch revolution,” offering a little bit of mesh on the inside pouch that is supposed to prevent skin-on-skin contact. Saxx provided several pairs of underwear to us, and we have tested their underwear over more than twoyears, and while it is reasonably soft and long-lasting, the waistband can be uncomfortable at times. Also, in our experience, the mesh does not result in a more comfortable wearing experience compared to other similarly priced underwear. That being said, other men are quite pleased with it, but in our opinion, it seems to be a gimmick rather than actual innovation.
SheathThis brand also provided us with underwear, but we cannot recommend it because their pouch is quite uncomfortable.

Luxury Underwear

Men's Underwear Guide (43)

If you want to treat yourself to the absolute best underwear money can buy, this is the section for you. After all, there are not many areas where you can experience the benefit of luxury items as extensively as in underwear. If you then compare the overall cost andlongevity, you’d be foolish not to wear luxuriously soft underwear if you can afford it.

We recommend…Because…
ZimmerliZimmerli’s slogan is “The World’s Finest Underwear” and while they offer very fine cotton underwear as well as Modal underwear, they lack the finest underwear material in the world today: MicroModal Air. As such, we have to disagree with them.
Starting at about $60 and going upwards of $150, Zimmerli has developed quite a reputation for their men’s underwear. We have tested six pairs of underwear over four years, and while they are in fact a stable performer and comfortable, we think that their styling is a bit too conservative, and the value proposition is not as good as otherluxury brands. Their cotton is very fine long-staple cotton and just like other manufacturers they buy it from specialists. Their Egyptian or Sea Islandcottonsare fine but it is not clear from the tag whether it is West Indian Sea Island cotton or not.
Zimmerli boasts a large product portfolio with slightly differing cuts, which are supposed to guarantee maximum comfort. For example, with their Royal classic line, you have to choose between 17 models, which means you have to invest a lot of money upfront before you have one pair of underwear that suits you best.They also do not offer MicroModal Air in their lineup, which is finer and softer than any cotton Zimmerli offers.
It really seems that you pay a premium for the brand name and “Made in Switzerland”, and while their cotton is of very high quality, it is not the finest material in the world. If you like the conservative color range and styling you should look intoSchiesseras well. Unlike others, Zimmerli offers silk underwear, but it is most difficult to maintain, and therefore it is not a good everyday option in our opinion.
Hanro of SwitzerlandThis brand is another Swiss contender but as the name “of Switzerland” implies it is no longermadein Switzerland. Hanro provided us with seven pairs of underwear over the last two years, and they are comfortable pairs of underwear but just likeZimmerli, their styling is very conservative. They offer a range of different cotton and cotton blend options, boxer shorts, boxers, and boxer briefs. Made in places like Portugal or Bulgaria, Hanro underwear is less expensive than Zimmerli also because the cotton is not quite as fine. Overall, Hanro is a good supplier of underwear that must be listed in the luxury segment with a price range of $45 for basic models, all the way up to $135 forSea Island cotton. Unfortunately, outside of cotton, you will not find many other blends from Hanro, even though it would be preferable to see some Micromodal or Micromodal Air blends in their lineup.
La PerlaFormerly known as Grigio Perla, La Perla now also produces a limited line of men’s underwear under the same name as their women’s lingerie. They produce high-quality cotton underwear in modern styles. For$50 you get 11% elastane with 89% cotton. Moreover, they offer various all-cotton underwear with prices all the way up to $125 and a modal blend for $135. Overall, their underwear is similar in the cotton qualities to Zimmerli but a bit more fashion-forward. They also manufacture swimwear, which was popularized by Daniel Craig asJames Bondin Casino Royale. Similarly to Zimmerli, you pay a La Perla premium for the brand cachet.


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When it comes to comfort, especially in an intimate area, it pays to pay more, so no matter what your budget is, we hope that this guide has proven useful in offering information that helps you locate the perfect pair of underwear for you that can fill out your underwear drawer.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite men’s underwear brands are.

Men's Underwear Guide (2024)
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