Woman Trying To Start An Affair With Her Married Neighbor Gets Caught After Posting About It 'Anonymously' (2024)

The heart wants what it wants, as the saying goes. Andin one woman's case, it ended up blowing up in her face.

A woman caught many people online by surprise when she wrote a lengthy Reddit post describing how she'd fallenin love with her neighbor.

But as she posted in the "r/TrueOffMyChest" and several other subreddits, she faced a fewseveral road blocks—most notably that the neighbor is married.


But in the end, that turned out to be the least of her problems.


The woman posted to Reddit seeking advice because she's in love with her married neighbor but doesn't like his kids.

She writes that she recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend and met her neighbor, K, when he helped her move her things into her new house.

They also ended up taking the same train into the city each day for work, and developed a rapport.

A delusion in 4 parts pic.twitter.com/YPkpya55AW

— Puddlezboy Bebop (@Puddlez) February 11, 2023

She says he talked about his wife and children often, so she knew he was married, but she was "instantly smitten" because he's "handsome and funny and sweet."


She also writes that he treats her better than her boyfriend ever did.

During their conversations, "he seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying," she writes, "which is something my ex never did and is something we fought over a lot."

She also noticed how attentive he is to his wife and kids, which made it "easy to imagine how lovely and attentive K would be with me because he is like that with everyone else."

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Her neighbor has neverindicated an interest in her and his wife is pregnant, but she believes it would be easy to attract him anyway.

She writes that she has"never had trouble getting the attention of men," and that his wifeand he are "polar opposites


She also thinks she's far more attractive than his wife, and that taken all together, she thinks she has a real chance.

"I just don't think that their personalities fit very well together at all, and I can easily see K getting stuck in a relationship because he's just so nice."


An experience babysitting her neighbors' kids has turned her off, even though she used to fantasize about being their stepmother.

K's wife recently had a car accident and needed someone to watch the kids for a bit, so the Redditor quickly volunteered.

The experience was a disaster. "These kids were an absolute NIGHTMARE," she writes, going on to say they did not respect her authority and were rowdy and loud.


She founds this very disappointing and said she wants nothing to do with the kids.

But, she thinks the fact the kids are awful means she has even more of a chance with K.

"This is further proof that K and his wife are not happy because children from a happy home do not behave like this," she writes.

"I really love K and I know that we could have a beautiful relationship if I pursued this, but this has really shaken me," she went on to say.

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Many commenters on Reddit thought the woman was delusional and were in disbelief at her story.

Several commentersworried she might even be capable of stalking someone down the road and urged her to seek professional help.

One user wrote, "Just because he is nice to you doesn’t mean he wants you. I encourage you to discuss things with a professional because this isn’t healthy."

And the circ*mstances under which the woman wrote her post left many Reddit users in shock.

As one put it, "I don't know what I just read but this man's wife just got into a car accident and you're fantasizing about their 'divorce'and a relationship with him and being his kids 'stepmum.'"


"Honestly, are you okay?"

Others warned her to just leave thissituation alone entirely. One person commented, "honey, you know better... you're mistaking friendship for much more."

"You need to back off. This won't end well for you."

But she did not heed that warning.

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The woman posted her story in so many different subreddits that her neighbor ended up seeing it—and he was not happy.

The woman posted her call for advice on at least five other subReddits, including ones pertaining to adultery, step-parenting and blended families, and one called "r/AmITheDevil"

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Her post in the "r/AmITheDevil" even made it to Twitter, where it went viral there, too.


And before long, it had made its way to K himself.

A post on Twitter included a text message screenshot the woman had posted to Reddit between her and K.

In it, K texted a link to one of her many Reddit posts, along with the text, "Is this you? Because if it is, we need to talk."

He then went on to be brutally honest with her. "I promise you that I have absolutely no interest in leaving my family for you," he wrote.

He then apologized if he had done anything to lead her own and said he wished to sever contact.

In the end, the woman's story has become something of a cautionary tale.

OneTwitter user was in disbelief that the woman posted her story to"multiple public forums as if it couldn’t possibly get back to" her neighbor.


Hopefully, the woman learns from this and finds someone right for her down the road.

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John Sundholm is a news and entertainment writer who covers pop culture, social justice and human interest topics.

Woman Trying To Start An Affair With Her Married Neighbor Gets Caught After Posting About It 'Anonymously' (2024)
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