How to Wear Men's Underwear: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Look and feel your best with our ultimate guide on how to wear men's underwear. Our detailed guide covers everything from the basics of boxer shorts to the more daring styles like thongs and briefs. Get informed now and make sure you know how to choose the right men's underwear for any occasion!

This may sound absurd to you because literally, you've been wearing your underwear since you can tie your shoelaces. But the thing is because you know how to do it doesn't mean that you're doing it correctly.

Maybe you're, however, you should add to the obvious knowledge an ultimate side of it. You already know some of these hacks, why some may have you wowed.

Here is how to wear men's underwear: the ultimate guide. Following are the pant questions that you're shy to ask in public.

How to Wear Men's Underwear: The Ultimate Guide

From dozens of approved ways to wear men's underwear, I have summarized 8 ultimate guides to do. This will make you comfortable in your pants as if it's your second skin. Such as:

  • Choose The Right Size
  • Make Sure The Waistband Sits Comfortably
  • Avoid Too-tight Underwear
  • Ensure The Legs Of The Underwear Don't Ride Up
  • Wear Appropriate Underwear For An Occasion
  • Wear Color To Match
  • Wash And Dry Regularly And Correctly
  • Change Old Underwear Periodically

#1. Choose The Right Size

It's useless to pick boxer briefs or any panties only for beauty. You need to put it on which means sizing is the ultimate. To know your best fit, use a measuring tape, and take an accurate measurement of your waist or hip depending on where you'd like your pants to sit and the diameter of your thighs.

When you're done, take the length measurement of the waist and thigh band. Go to your favorite pants boutique and sort out any matching underwear. This is how to wear men's underwear and be accurate on sizing.

#2. Make Sure The Waistband Sits Comfortably

However, after picking the right size, you should pay attention to how high or low the waistband sits. It boils down to your body shape and personal preferences. For body shapes, if you fall under the heavyweight male and have a denser shape, you should have your waistband around the waistline. If you're lean and athletic, you should go for the hip-level waistband. You should avoid your waistband digging into your skin, as this can make you itchy and uncomfortable all day.

#3. Avoid Too-tight Underwear

Your underwear should hold things in place, be secure, and be comfortable. Not locked in, squeezy and tight. This will give you toasty and sweaty chambers. At this rate, you risk bacteria and fungal breed and infection. More scarring is that toasty and too-tight underwear kills your sperm count. This is a crucial point of care if being a father is in your future.

#4. Ensure The Legs Of The Underwear Don't Ride Up

You should know how to put on men's underwear to eliminate bunching. Bunching will leave you restless all day and it'll have you frequently doing on your trousers in an attempt to feel comfortable. Such a display in public entails an unappealing personality. You don't want that.

To eliminate bunching, after wearing your trousers on top of your underwear, put your hands inside your pants and down to your leg band and smooth it out. This will make your leg regions smooth and flat. You go all day feeling great.

Add to that, your legs should slide through the pant's opening and not be restricted. If this happens, it means that the boxer is undersized. If you force it through, you're likely to chaff out.

#5. Wear Appropriate Underwear For An Occasion

Not all panties fit all occasions. Get to know the right underwear for each. If you're an office guy, the regular guy, and have a normal daily routine or just lounging, you need something luxurious, and breathable like traditional boxers or cotton underwear.

For more physically demanding jobs and routines like going to the gym or sporting activities, you should opt for microfibers.

Materials like polyester and nylon are stretchable and light which makes them highly compatible with rigorous activities. Also, the moisture-wicking capacity of microfibers keeps you cool in the heat of sports.

#6. Wear Color To Match

This may sound less important. The truth is, it isn't. As a fact, people tend to see your underwear at least 3 out of every 10 unthought movements you make. You should wear what matches your underwear or, you should put on pants colors to match what you're putting on.

This is to abate the sorting eyes from taking full predictions of your other details. Again it shows that you have a good sense of fashion. You might just blow your mate off when the lights get dim and the blues set in.

#7. Wash And Dry Regularly And Correctly

There's a code among humans, it goes like this: shower as often as you sweat. But I'll tell you to wash and change your underwear after you shower. You can tumble and wash under a mild temperature. I would recommend that you hand wash. However, always dry your panties under natural air and light. To kill lurking bacteria.

This is to support the common sense that you shouldn't wear one boxer for two days. It has some health benefits tho. Research has it that the bottom and chambers produce the most bacteria in the human body.

When you allow these bacteria and fungi to accumulate in a moist and warm environment, they breed faster and cause foul stench that lingers. You might end up having the jock itch. Hope you like that.

#8. Change Old Underwear Periodically

Get rid of your old set of underwear every 6 to 12 months. This is to keep alive freshness and comfort. Pay attention to when your boxers and briefs start losing their color and notice the unpleasant holes emerging in your boxers. If you should go pants down in such a state, you'll wish that the grounds have a mouth. Also, old underwear has a track record of hoarding unpleasant smells. Save yourself many days of shame trauma; get rid of your old droughts.

People Also Ask

#1. How should boxer briefs fit?

Boxer briefs should fit snugly around the waist and legs, without being too tight. The waistband should stay in place without slipping or rolling, and the legs should not ride up or bunch.

The pouch area should provide adequate support and room for the genitals without feeling constricting.

The fabric should feel smooth and comfortable against the skin, with minimal bunching or twisting. Overall, the fit should feel secure and supportive, while allowing for a full range of motion

#2. Can you wear boxers under Jean?

Yes, you can wear boxers under Jeans or chinos. It should be a relaxed Jean and don't forget to slide in your hands to smooth out the leg's potential to ride up.


That's it on how to wear men's underwear: The Ultimate Guide is, to wear your underwear and be comfortable in it. Don't forget choosing the right underwear size has a lot to do with your physique but it all boils down to personal preference.

Nevertheless, you should wear your pants to sync with the activities of the day. Consider luxurious underwear for lounging and official occasions and microfibers like nylon for highly physically demanding activities.

How to Wear Men's Underwear: The Ultimate Guide (2024)
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